CryoSure® brand cryogenic vial freezer storage boxes

  • 81-well cryo freezer box 81-well cryo freezer box
  • 100-well cryo box 100-well cryo box

    Evergreen offers two types of freezer boxes for storage of cryogenic vials. One version has a grid-type rack and the second has posts separating the vials. Both have transparent covers so one can see the contents readily. Both are constructed of polycarbonate. The operating temperature range of polycarbonate is between -190°C to +120°C.

    These boxes are autoclavable. Design features of these boxes include positive numeric identification, stackability, 45° NW & NE corner for orientation and alignment, corner tab for positive opening assistance, color coding, air vent holes, drain slots, and generous writing surfaces. All of the boxes can be color coded for improved cryogenic vial storage management.

    Cryo 81 freezer boxes for 1.0 & 2.0 ml

    9 × 9 configuration for 81 vials. The 6281-series can accommodate vials between 1.0 to 2.0 ml. The Cryo 81 comes with a transparent cover with a color-coded numeric ID grid and arrow indicator. The 6281-series boxes measure 133 mm × 133 mm × 54 mm (5.25˝ × 5.25˝ × 2.16˝).

    Cryo 100 freezer boxes

    10 × 10 configuration holds 100 vials. Transparent cover with numeric ID grid. Color-coded bottom with large numeric ID and posts. The 6200 series boxes measure 133 mm × 133 mm × 54 mm (5¼˝ × 5¼˝ × 2.2˝). They are designed for use with cryogenic vials between 1.0 to 2.0 ml.

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    81-well freezer box with blue rack

    3/pack, 12/case

    81-well freezer box with green rack

    3/pack, 12/case

    81-well freezer box with grey rack

    3/pack, 12/case

    81-well freezer box with red rack

    3/pack, 12/case

    81-well freezer box with yellow rack

    3/pack, 12/case

    100-well freezer box, blue

    3/pack, 12/case

    100-well freezer box, yellow

    3/pack, 12/case