CryoSure® brand cryogenic vials, introduction

    Nine versions.

    All CryoSure® brand vials are recommended for storing cell cultures, blood/serum specimens, sperm, and other biological specimens at vapor phase* liquid nitrogen temperatures (-320˚F/-195˚C). CryoSure® vials are available in 0.4 ml round-bottom and freestanding, as well as conical & free-standing 1.0, 1.5, and free-standing 3.5 ml sizes. The 0.4 ml size represents the smallest cryogenic vials available and help to utilize valuable freezer space more efficiently.

    The new 2.5 ml large I.D. vial has a wide mouth. It is designed specially for storing tissue specimens that are too large for conventional cryogenic vials.

    The six freestanding sizes feature our unique octagonal bases that lock into the specially designed CryoSure® processing tray for easy one-handed capping and uncapping. Conical/curved bottoms ensure maximum sample retrieval. These are 0.4, 1.0 and 1.5 ml in capacity.

    External threads.

    By using external threads, all CryoSure® vials are designed to be less susceptible to aerosol contamination than internally threaded vials.

    The precise-fitting Acme threads also have smoother engagement than ordinary 60˚ threads.

    Ultra-clear polypropylene material.

    The specially selected copolymer is nearly transparent and provides superior tensile strength and resistance to gamma radiation sterilization.

    Easy identification.

    The larger size vials feature permanent molded-in marking areas for labeling and specimen identification with volume graduations distinctly molded every 0.5 ml. The two smaller versions have molded-in fill lines at the 0.4 ml level.

    Color-coded leakproof caps.

    Polyethlyene screwcaps feature a molded-in sealing ring for rim-seal that provides a leakproof closure without the use of a silicone gasket. Evergreen pioneered rim-seal caps in 1975. We have found that properly designed rim-sealing rings are extremely effective in sealing leakproof vials especially with vial diameters of 40 mm or less. With CryoSure® vials and our new MST tubes, sealing efficacy is no less than 99.9%. Caps are available in natural, green, red, blue, yellow, orange, lavender and white.

    Large openings.

    Straight vertical inside walls with no shoulder result in a large accessible opening which makes processing and retrieval of samples convenient. The new 2.5 ml addition features a 0.57˝ (1.4 cm) diameter opening. This vial is especially designed for storing tissue specimens that are too large for conventional cryogenic vials.

    Freezer boxes.

    Specially designed freezer boxes are available in polycarbonate for 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0 ml vials. Cardboard freezer boxes are available for 0.4 ml and 2.5 ml wide mouth vials.

    Convenient packaging.

    Sterile vials with caps are packaged in 500-count quantities. Non-sterile vials with caps are packaged in 200- or 1000-count quantities. Caps in 200-count quantities are available in eight colors to facilitate color-coded processing and storage.

    *Evergreen does not recommend the use of screwcap vials, including CryoSure® vials, for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other liquified gases. Immersion in liquid nitrogen may cause leakage in CryoSure® vials and also presents the potential danger of rapid pressure buildup and/or explosion when returned to room temperature. Please use CryoSure® vials in the vapor-phase only.