Polypropylene & cardboard slide mailers

  • One- and two-slide mailers One- and two-slide mailers
  • Five-slide mailers Five-slide mailers

    Recycled plastic.

    Slide-mailers (up to 100%) and processing trays (up to 50%) contain reused plastic. This helps reduce raw material consumption and allows post industrial regrind to be reused productively.

    One & Two-slide mailers.

    Polypropylene one & two-slide mailers offer a top-panel window which allows slides to be viewed without opening. Sturdy living hinge design with friction-fit, post-type locks.

    Easy-to-use finger/thumb tabs eliminate prying and/or cutting tape. Large matte-finished area is molded-in to provide ample room for identification. Slim shape makes it ideal as a component of transport and mailing kits.

    Five-slide mailer.

    Integral lids close tightly. Recessed lid design limits slide movement during transit to prevent accidental breakage. Rounded corners allow easier handling, and an eyelet is provided for optional security ties and/or identification tags. Lightweight (less than 1/3 oz) to help minimize transport costs.

    Mailers also function as miniature Coplin jars.

    Processing tray.

    Evergreen’s processing trays accommodate up to 20 five-slide mailers. Each position is alpha-numerically labeled.

    For one- and two-slide mailers, substitute “X” with one of the following number/letters for the color of your choice: 0=natural, B=blue, G=green, N=amber, R=red, Y=yellow.

    For the five-slide mailer only, substitute “X” with one of the following number/letters for the color of your choice: 0=natural, Z=black and M=chocolate.

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    One-slide mailer, polypropylene


    Two-slide mailer, polypropylene


    Five-slide mailer, polypropylene


    Processing trays, holds 20 five-slide mailers each, polystyrene, assorted colors