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    Satisfaction guaranteed.

    All of Evergreen’s pipet tips are made to meet or exceed the specifications set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. We guarantee it.

    Our tips are bevelled, not flat, so liquid is delivered more accurately. Only premium-grade, non-wettable plastics are used in the manufacture of Evergreen’s pipet tips. Our stringent Quality Assurance program includes hourly tests on every production lot for uniformity, smooth surface finish and precise fit.

    Many of our pipet tips have molded-on volume reference bands so that users can check pipetting accuracy at a glance. These Visu-Chek™ pipet tips indicate 2μl and 10μl on ultra-micro tips. They indicate 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200μl on micro tips and 250, 500 and 1000μl on macro tips.

    Evergreen manufactures thirty different pipet tips. Please use the cross-reference chart to help select the proper tip for your pipettor.

    The most packaging options anywhere.

    Choose from eight different sterile and non-sterile packaging options:

    BULK: 1000 tips (except 250-count macro tips) are packed in a heavy-duty plastic bag for economy. All tips are available in bulk packaging.

    DECK-O-TIPS™: 200 tips are pre-racked in a sturdy & reuseable processing rack. each 1000-tip case includes 5 decks that nest atop one another for a compact shipping and storage unit. Deck-O-Tips™ cases are shrink-wrapped and includes a reuseable dust sleeve.

    MINI DECK-O-TIPS™: Available only from Evergreen, mini decks provide a convenient number of sterile tips without the troubles of autoclaving or opening individual wrappers. 25 tips are pre-racked, sealed in an easy-to-open plastic pouch and gamma-irradiated for sterility. Ideal for use with broth dilutions, sensitivity testing, ASO and other microbiological, virological and serological applications. Each case includes 20 Mini Deck-O-Tips™.

    BIODECK™ 960 & 960S: 96 tips are pre-racked in an 8 × 12 configuration to correspond to the 96-well microplate format. The reuseable, autoclavable box includes a hinged cover to protect from dust and other contaminants. Biodeck 960S packages are gamma-irradiated for sterility while Biodeck 960 packages are supplied non-sterile. Each case includes 10 Biodecks.

    BIODECK™ 1000 & 1000S: 100 tips are pre-racked in a 10 × 10 configuration. The reusable, autoclavable box includes a removable deck and cover to protect the tips from dust and other benchtop contaminants. Biodeck™ 1000S packages are gamma-irradiated for sterility and Biodeck™ 1000 packages are supplied non-sterile. Each case includes 10 Biodecks.

    INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED: These are for the most stringent application requirements. Single tips are sealed in pouches and gamma-irradiated for sterility. Each case includes 250 tips.