FPC® Jumbo Fecal Parasite Concentrator

    • Simple, safe, sanitary, and efficient concentration system
    • Precision holes (0.6 mm × 0.6 mm) retain debris and allow parasite passage into concentrator
    • Concentrates a larger volume of specimen
    • Standardization of procedure, excellent parasite recovery, minimal odor, and reduced chances of contamination

    FPC® Jumbo is one of the cleanest means of isolating helminth eggs and larvae, protozoan cysts, coccidian oocysts, and microsporidian spores. Excellent results are obtained using either fresh or preserved specimens.


    The FPC® Jumbo is a modification of the formalin-ether (F-E) method of Ritchie and was developed at the National Institutes of Health; it is available exclusively from Evergreen Scientific.

    Rather than using the older funnel-gauze method, FPC® uses two 15 ml polypropylene tubes with an interconnected, precision molded strainer. The 0.6 mm × 0.6 mm holes allow the parasites to pass through the strainer, but the system retains the excess fecal debris.


    This leakproof, self-contained concentration system leaves no mess and minimizes odor. Benefits of this approach also include the ability to standardize the fecal concentration procedure, thus eliminating varying results among different users. The procedure is easy to perform and minimizes personnel exposure to potentially infectious specimens.

    Overall benefits include: simplicity, safety, excellent parasite recovery, standardization of the procedure, and minimal odor without funnels, gauze, and potential laboratory spills and contamination.

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    FPC® Jumbo Fecal Parasite Concentrator

    120 tests/case