PCA™ Pinworm egg collection/transport apparatus

    The Evergreen PCA™ Pinworm Egg Collection/Transport Apparatus combines the utility of the cellulose tape with the ready-to-use convenience of the adhesive paddle. Each apparatus consists of a cylindrical-shaped pinworm egg “picker-upper” with an adhesive tape pre-wrapped around the cylinder, sticky side out. The stem/shaft of the pinworm egg picker-upper is attached to the screw cap via an in-cap sprocket. The screw cap can be used to hold the egg picker-upper and to maneuver it when sampling the perianal area. The sticky pinworm egg picker-upper should be rolled onto the perianal area in order to pick up the eggs, if present. The cylindrical shape of the pinworm egg picker-upper makes it very user friendly, and the rugged screw capped housing makes transport back to the lab safe and convenient.

    At the laboratory, processing the sample is as follows:

    1. Label the slide.

    2. Using forceps, lift up a portion of the red tab.

    3. With the adhesive surface facing the slide and the red tab against the frosted area, gently roll the adhesive tape off the pinworm egg picker-upper and onto the microscope slide as illustrated. Remember, the outside surface is the sticky surface.

    4. A drop of xylene or toluene can be added to the slide by lifting the tape. This will “clear” the tape and provide a more transparent viewing surface. Using the 10× objective, examine the slide under low power. Any pinworm eggs will easily be seen; they are somewhat football-shaped with one flattened side. Some of the eggs may contain a fully developed larval form.  It is important to remember that a minimum of four consecutive negative specimens should be obtained before the patient is considered free of infection. In order to deposit her eggs on the perianal skin, the female pinworm migrates from the intestinal tract on a random basis, so it is important to sample the the perianal area on consecutive days.

    Patent #: 5,063,026

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    PCA™ Pinworm egg collection/transport apparatus, indiv packed

    100 packs/case

    Frosted microscope slides, precleaned, 75×25×1 mm

    1 gross (144 slides)

    Acetal forceps, 105 mm length, green, resistant to solvent acid and alkalai