Sputocol™ sputum collection system

    Uniquely innovative.

    Sputocol™ is a patented, self-contained device for collecting, transporting and processing sputum and other potentially infectious specimens. Each unit includes a unique funnel-stand-base housing, a freestanding or conical 50 ml centrifuge tube and a patient ID label. A simple step-by-step instruction is also included.

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    Easy collection.

    The large polyethylene funnel provides a convenient “target area”. Patients simply expectorate and reclose the funnel lid. Hospital/lab personnel can then prepare the specimen for transport without ever contacting a contaminated surface area.

    Minimal exposure.

    The inside edge of the funnel brings the specimen directly into the centrifuge tube and prevents contact with the tube rim. The funnel’s outside edge is extended to provide a safe area for handling and removing. Pinching the two sides of the forked stand together holds the tube in place during funnel removal. The bottom lid detaches and functions as a capping device, so that personnel may avoid touching the tube until sealed. Extra-wide base prevents tipping and provides a sturdy, protective carrier for the tube during transit.

    Ultra-clear polypropylene tubes.

    Our new polypropylene material is almost transparent and withstands 6000 RCF. These tubes also have easy-to-read & raised graduations markings.

    Patent #: 4,741,346

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    Sputocol™ with freestanding 50 ml tubes

    72 per case

    Sputocol™ with conical 50 ml tubes

    72 per case