Treated plastic microscope slides (25 × 75 × 1.1 mm)

  • Treated plastic microscope slides Treated plastic microscope slides

    These versatile, low-cost microscope slides can be used wherever glass slides are used, including sample preparation in the field. They are safer than glass slides because they are more impact resistant than ordinary glass slides. Plastic slides do not leave any sharp edges when broken. We offer two versions of plastic microscope slides. One is made out of general purpose “crystal” polystyrene and the other is made of UVT (UV Transmittable) acrylic. Their transparency and optical quality are virtually identical to viewing through a flat-bottom microplate well.

    These slides are produced under rigorous quality control conditions for clean and uniform surfaces with low background readings. They have enhanced protein binding characteristics. They are RNase and DNase free.

    The slides are not resistant to the following chemicals: ethanol, methanol, phenol, organic acids (e.g.: acetic acid), gasoline, aromatic solvents (e.g.: benzene, toluene, xylene and turpentine), chlorinated hydrocarbons (e.g.: methylene chloride and tetrachloromethane), ketones and others

    The surfaces are tissue culture treated and gamma sterilized and can therefore be used with the following applications:

    • Cell and tissue culture studies.
    • Immunofluorescence and immunostaining for cytology, histology, parasitology, bacteriology and virology, etc.
    • Immobilization of DNA, nucleic acids, antibodies, proteins and other small molecules.
    • Protein printing and microarrays.
    • Hybridization studies.
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    Plastic microscope slide, treated, polystyrene (25 × 75 × 1.1 mm)

    25/box, 6 boxes/case

    Plastic microscope slide, treated, UVT acrylic (25 × 75 × 1.1 mm)

    25/box, 6 boxes/case