Drug screening kit

    • This urine drug screening collection and transport kit comes in a compact, oval shape to use one-third less storage space.
    • The polypropylene urine collection cup has a handle for user-friendly collection of donor sample and a spout for easier pouring of sample into the transport tube.
    • An LCD temperature indicator strip is attached to the outside of the collection cup.
    • Each 30 ml transport vial is equipped with a heavy-duty screw cap attached to the vial with a yoke. These vials are tested for leakage to at least -25 inches of mercury in a vacuum chamber.The tamper-evident specimen transport bag contains two separate compartments. One with absorbent pad for urine specimen and the other for donor information documents.The kit is available in both a single transport vial and a double transport vial configuration.OEM private label available.
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    Urine drug screen collection & transport kit, single


    Urine drug screen collection & transport kit, double