Tamper evident transit boxes, introduction

  • Tamper evident storage boxes Tamper evident storage boxes


    Sturdy tamper-evident transit boxes are precision-molded from durable polypropylene.

    These boxes provide safe, secure transport and storage for a wide range of applications: controlling the chain-of-custody for specimens in drug testing, maintaining the integrity of forensic samples, and preventing unauthorized access to any potentially sensitive or infectious specimens.

    Eight different sizes.

    Tamper-evident transit boxes are available to fit a wide range of primary containers.

    Special sizes are designed specifically for syringes, Vacutainer® tubes, 15 ml transport vials, 50 ml centrifuge tubes, 50 ml, 60 ml and 90 ml urine bottles, 4 oz specimen containers, and various combinations.

    Security hinges on our lock.

    Security is provided by our patented hasp-lock and hinge design. Six boxes feature a piano-type living hinge and an integral one-way lock that seals specimens inside. Two other sizes have a two-piece construction and are sealed by integral one-way locks.

    Reaccessing the contents requires breaking the lock(s), which provides clear evidence of tampering. After the locks are broken, boxes are reusable through the use of replacement locks. Replacement locks have the same one-way hasp design as the integral locks and each is stamped with its own unique number.