20 & 30 ml vials

  • 20 & 30 ml vials 20 & 30 ml vials

    A finer specimen of container.

    Evergreen’s 20 & 30 ml vials are constructed of high-clarity polypropylene copolymer with high density polyethylene screw caps. These vials have a widemouth opening for ease of use. The clarity of polypropylene material provides for clear visibility of the contents.

    Handy processing trays.

    Our specially designed tray helps eliminate accidental knockovers and expedites processing. The vial has an octagonal-shaped base which locks into the alpha-numerically labeled tray. This allows for easy one-handed capping and uncapping.

    Choice of color caps.

    Choose from blue, chocolate, fuchsia, green, lavender, natural, red, white or yellow color caps to color code your inventory.

    Catalog Number Description PKG

    20 ml vials, polypropylene with green cap


    30 ml vials, polypropylene w/green cap