95-Pin Inoculator Assembly

The precision molded 95-Pin Inoculator Assembly from Caplugs Evergreen is designed to simultaneously pick up 95 bacterial colony samples (10 µl/pin) and transfer them into or from a 96-well format microplate or microplate tray. The missing pin in the inoculator assembly serves as a blank control.

  • Ideal for antimicrobial susceptibility testing, urine cultures, bacterial colony subcultures, cell/tissue cultures, cytotoxicity testing, serology dilution studies and evaluation of growth media
  • Applications include cell/tissue culture, blood toxicity and serological studies or other dilution and sensitivity tests
  • Gamma sterilized
  • Each 95-pin assembly comes pre-assembled with a 40 mL inoculum tray (additional trays are also available separately)
  • Exclusively available from Caplugs Evergreen
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