Caplugs Evergreen offers a wide variety of columns for use in drug extractions, HPLC sample preparation, general chromatography work and applications and other research procedures. Our Surety Columns® and Sera-Separa® series are specifically designed for use in fibrin removal and macro particles from serum to prevent line clogging.

  • Variety of styles, sizes and colors – including light-shielding options – to fit your needs
  • Surety Columns® fit directly onto most round, conical and standard bottom serum cups
  • Sera-Separa® are inserted directly into blood tubes for filtering
  • Polystyrene columns are glass-clear and appropriate for use with mild acidic (except oxidizing acids) and alkali solutions
  • Polypropylene columns are contact-transparent, more chemically resistant and appropriate for use with organic solvents and stronger acids (except oxidizing acids) and alkalis
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