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Caplugs Evergreen stocks a selection of column options for lab use, including work with drug extractions, HPLC sample preparation, general chromatography work and applications and other research procedures.

Available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, our Surety Columns® and Sera-Separa® series are specifically designed for use in fibrin removal and macro particles from serum to prevent line clogging. We also stock light-shielding designs to prevent unwanted light contamination or influence.

Polystyrene columns are glass-clear and can be used with mild acidic (except oxidizing acids) and alkali solutions, while polypropylene columns are contact-transparent, more chemically resistant and suitable for applications involving organic solvents and stronger acids (except oxidizing acids) and alkalis

Explore the full range of columns and accessories available in our catalog online, and place an order or request a free sample today.

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