Tubes and Vials

Caplugs Evergreen offers a wide selection of tubes and vials to meet your needs.

  • Centrifuge Tubes – With accurate, easy-to-read and molded-in graduations for general labwork use
  • CryoSure® & MST™ Vials & Tubes – Recommended for storing cell cultures, blood/serum specimens, sperm and other biological specimens at vapor phase* liquid nitrogen temperatures (-320°F/-195°C)
  • General Purpose Test Tubes – For a variety of general laboratory applications
  • Microcentrifuge Tubes – Fit all standard microcentrifuges
  • Microtubes – For harvesting hybridoma culture supernatant, CMV, HSV, HTLV-III testing, uptake and binding assays & EIA/RIA serial dilution
  • PCR Tubes – Feature a thin-wall design that allows for optimum heat transfer in PCR applications
  • Specimen Containers – Designed for storing biological fluids and pathology specimens
  • Transport Vials and Caps – For collecting and transporting general purpose specimens
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