Microtubes are ideal for harvesting of hybridoma culture supernatant, CMV, HSV, HTLV-III testing, uptake and binding assays and EIA/RIA serial dilution procedures.

  • Available individually, in strips of eight or in strips of 12
  • Design complements multichannel pipettors, Beckman Biomeck, TomTec Quadra 96 and other robotic workstations
  • Microracks feature 8 × 12 hole pattern for rapid processing using multichannel pipettors.
  • Alpha-numeric non-reversing rack and lid combination ensure positive sample ID
  • Lid, with individual condensation rings above each tube, prevents cross contamination
  • Can be centrifuged or stacked for storage of biological samples
  • System is ideal for large volume procedures involving direct sample transfer from microtiter plates to racked storage tubes
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