Microbiology Supplies

Caplugs Evergreen offers a wide variety of microbiology supplies.

  • 95-Pin Inoculator can simultaneously pick up 95 bacterial colony samples (10 µl/pin) and transfer them into a 96-well format microplate or microplate tray
  • FPC® Fecal Parasite Concentrator is one of the cleanest means of isolating helminth eggs and larvae, protozoan cysts, coccidian oocysts, and microsporidian spores - available in classic, hybrid, jumbo or special versions
  • Sterile Culture Tubes are ideal for cell culturing and other applications that require a sterile surface or container
  • InocuLoop™ disposable inoculating loops feature a patented, four-sided spreader—like four streakers in one
  • PCA™ Pinworm Egg Collection/Transport Apparatus features an adhesive cylindrical-shaped pinworm egg collection paddle
  • Caplugs Evergreen Sputocol™ is a patented, self-contained device for collecting, transporting and processing sputum and other potentially infectious specimens