15 mL Unthreaded Centrifuge Tubes

Caplugs Evergreen 15 mL Unthreaded Centrifuge Tubes are precision molded from premium-grade, chemically-inert thermoplastics. Polystyrene tubes are glass-clear and polypropylene is nearly transparent.

Accurate, easy-to-read graduations are molded-in at 0.1 mL intervals from 0-1 mL and at 0.5 mL intervals from 1-5 mL and every 1 mL from 5-15 mL. The outside diameter is 17 mm and the overall length is 120 mm.

  • Polystyrene tubes withstand up to 6,200 × g and are appropriate for use with mild acidic (except oxidizing acids) or alkali solutions, alcohols (except higher alcohols) and salt
  • Polypropylene tubes withstand up to 12,100 × g and are appropriate for use with stronger acids (except oxidizing acids) or alkalis, alcohols, organic solvents, chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons (except xylene) and ketones
  • Stopper caps available separately
  • Available in conical bottom only

Made in the U.S.