Bulk MST Tubes and Caps

Caplugs Evergreen MST™ brand micro screwcap tubes are recommended for storing blood/serum samples, cell cultures, sperm and other biological specimens at vapor phase* liquid nitrogen temperatures (-320°F/-195°C).

  • Vials are available in freestanding or conical bottom styles
  • Feature built-in flange at the neck of the tube to further reduce the possibility of leakage and provide a ridge on the surface of the tube for minimal surface contact during transport
  • Uniform length allows for maximum and efficient use of storage space when storing MST Tubes of mixed sizes.
  • Printed graduated versions are available for 1.5 mL and 2.0 mL volumes to ensure a smooth internal surface
  • Three versions of Polyethylene Caps are available and sold separately:
    • Flat-top (chocolate color available for light shielding applications)
    • Recessed-top
    • Attached tethered-ring
  • Dimensions: 10 mm (D) x 44 mm (H)

*Evergreen does not recommend the use of MST™ microscrewcap tubes for immersion in liquid nitrogen or any other liquified gases. Immersion in liquid nitrogen may cause potential leakage in MST™ tubes with the subsequent danger of rapid pressure build-up and/or explosion when returned to room temperature. Please use MST™ microscrewcap tubes in the vapor-phase only.

Made in the U.S.