Pre-Filled Slide-Fix Jars

Caplugs Evergreen's Pre-Filled Slide-Fix™ brand Slide Jars are ideal for the preservation of pap smear slides, fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies, and other small samples. Pre-filled with denatured 95% ethyl alcohol provides an ideal method for preserving slides, and the rigid polypropylene construction provides fortress-like protection for up to four slides in transit. No more broken Coplin jars or spilled alcohol!

  • Slide Jars are disposable - nothing to wash
  • Outstanding performance in preserving and transporting Pap smear slides
  • Color-coded leakproof screwcaps are vacuum-chamber tested to ensure that our double-sealing screwcaps close tightly every time.
    • Choose from a wide variety of colors to color code your inventory
  • Empty sterile and non-sterile Slide-Fix versions are also available
  • Dimensions: 30 mm (D) x 98 mm (H)

Download the sell sheet for more information.

Made in the U.S.