Sputocol Sputum Collection System

Caplugs Evergreen Sputocol™ is a patented, self-contained device for collecting, transporting and processing sputum and other potentially infectious specimens. The large funnel provides a convenient “target area”. Patients simply expectorate and reclose the funnel lid. Hospital/lab personnel can then prepare the specimen for transport without ever contacting a contaminated surface area.

  • Includes:
    • Funnel-stand-base housing with lid
    • Freestanding or conical 50 ml centrifuge tube with screw cap
    • Patient ID label
    • Instructions for use
  • The inside edge of the funnel brings the specimen directly into the centrifuge tube and prevents contact with the tube rim
  • The funnel’s outside edge is extended to provide a safe area for handling and removing
  • The bottom lid detaches and functions as a capping device, so that personnel may avoid touching the tube until sealed
  • Extra-wide base prevents tipping and provides a sturdy, protective carrier for the tube during transit
  • Tubes are made of ultra-clear polypropylene with easy-to-read & raised graduations markings
  • Withstands 6000 RCF

Click here for an instructional video. Download the sell sheet for more information.

Patent #: US 8,470,268

Made in the U.S.