Sterile CryoSure Vials

Caplugs Evergreen Sterile CryoSure® brand vials are recommended for storing cell cultures, blood/serum specimens, sperm, and other biological specimens at vapor phase* liquid nitrogen temperatures (-320°F/-195°C). Sterile CryoSure® Vials are available with freestanding, round or conical bottoms.

  • Sterile vials are sterilized by gamma-irradiation
  • Freestanding sizes feature octagonal bases that lock into specially designed CryoSure® processing tray for easy one-handed capping and uncapping
  • CryoSure® vials feature external threads designed to be less susceptible to aerosol contamination than internally threaded vials
  • Straight vertical inside walls with no shoulder for a large accessible opening which makes processing and retrieval of samples convenient
  • The larger size vials feature permanent molded-in marking areas for labeling and specimen identification with volume graduations distinctly molded every 0.5 mL. The two smaller versions have molded-in fill lines at the 0.4 mL level

*Evergreen does not recommend the use of screwcap vials, including CryoSure® vials, for immersion in liquid nitrogen or other liquified gases. Immersion in liquid nitrogen may cause leakage in CryoSure® vials and also presents the potential danger of rapid pressure buildup and/or explosion when returned to room temperature. Please use CryoSure® vials in the vapor-phase only.

Made in the U.S.