30 mL Bulk Tubes and Caps

Caplugs Evergreen 30 mL Centrifuge Tubes are ideal for general purpose laboratory work. These tubes especially useful as a leak-proof primary container in shipping infectious specimens. The 30 mL tube with spork is also widely used in parasitology specimen transport.

  • Polypropylene tubes are nearly transparent and withstand up to 10,000 × g. Appropriate for use with solvents, alcohols, chlorinated & aromatic hydrocarbons (except xylene) and ketones.
  • Choose tubes with conical bottoms or freestanding octagonal bases that lock into our special tray for one-hand operation
  • Screw caps are available in ten colors: natural, blue, orange, green, fuchsia, lavender, red, white, yellow, and black
  • Each tube is tested to 95kPa for sealing assurance
  • A multi-color pack of 1000 caps is also available

Download the sell sheet for more information.

Made in the U.S.