Slide Transport

Caplugs Evergreen line of slide transport products provide a wide variety of options. Whether you need to mail a single slide or multiple slides, we have a product to meet your needs.

  • Slide fix jars - available in empty, sterile or pre-filled versions, these jars ideal for the preservation of Pap smear slides, fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies, and other small samples
  • One-slide and two-slide mailers - Slim shape makes it ideal as a component of transport and mailing kits
  • Five-slide mailers - feature an integral recessed lid design which limits slide movement during transit to prevent accidental breakage
  • Mailing boxes - floor of the box has a molded center-line numerical ID while the rest of the floor is lined with cork for slide protection
  • Slide-Sette Saver™ - designed for shipping same patient pathology microscope slide and tissue/biopsy paraffin block in a single container. Also useful for storing specimens on a long term basis